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  Who is holding the sky down?

  I said, "Daddy is tall." Dad looked me up and down. "Zhang Xingyu goes to the top, you have a lot of meat, you can bounce it back."

  No way, who calls me fat? 143 cm in height and 60 kg in weight, so the classmates call me "Duduge" very friendly.

  I can eat. My stomach is so big that I can barely fill up three bowls of rice at a meal. I don't know what's going on. My digestive system is so good. I had just eaten, and soon I was hungry again, so every day, my stomach was starving. I'm not picky about food. I like it as long as it's eaten and it's eaten by people. When a meal comes down, I wipe out the food on the table and in the pot. Mother said it was good to have me at home. The burden of the trash can was lightened a lot.

  I can talk. In my spare time, I will talk with my good friends, because I read a lot, often quoting classics and classics, soliciting extensive references, laughing at the sky, often attracted the students'eyes, teachers there about my "case" backlog. Because I'm fat, I'm not born to exercise. Sports is my weakness, less than 50 meters, I can run out of breath, can only lie on the playground breathless. The PE teacher came over and said, "Children can't be taught!" But I said, "Confucius said,'A good mover is not as good as a good eater, and a good eater is not as good as a good eater'." If the Chinese teacher knows that I use the Analects of Confucius so actively, he will surely regret having such a student as me.

  I'm also useful. In the final review stage, when the students were weighed down by a large number of papers, they would beg me to shout a few times to boost their spirits. Fat men have large vital capacity. Every class and school speech reading contest, I am singing the leading role, I heard that there are many fans, the school's language teachers set an example for me to read aloud.

  I am convinced: I am born to be useful. Stick to your own fat, let others thin it!


  good mornig!

  my nime is kelly. i'm 12.i am a girl.i am from dalian . my firmely is my mum my dad and i.my mum is worker ,my dad is a worker ,too.i'a student. i'm in class 5 grade2.

  i like speak english very much.

  hello everyone,first let me introduce myself to you.my name is qiangwei ,i am in class3 grade 1,i am 12.i like english very much.i think i will learn english in all my life.because it is so important.


  Good afternoon, teachers! I`m very happy to introduce myself here. I`m ***. My Chinese name is ***. I`m 13. I`m from . I have many hobbies, such as playing ping-pong, playing badminton, listening to music, reading magazines and so on. My favourite food is chicken. It`s tasty and yummy. So I`m very strong. I`m a naughty boy. I always play tricks. And I just like staying in my room and reading books. But I have a dream, I want to be a car-designer. Because I`m a car fan.This is me. Please remember ****! Thank you very much!










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  Hi, dear friends! My name is DaiRao. I’m 8 years old. I’m in class 1, grade3.

  I like pandas. Look! It has a fat body, two big black eyes, and short hands. So lovely!

  Do you like pandas?

  That’s all. Thank you!


  Hello!Every one.My name is ...I'm a girl.I'm 0 years old. I'm in Class....I like playing drum.And I like cake,I think it is delicious.

  My favorite subject are Chinese,math and Englishi.I am very thin.I am a quiet girl.Do you like me?


  我最喜欢的科目是 语文、数学和英语。我非常瘦。我是一个文静的女孩子。你们喜欢我吗?


  Hello! My name is xuyannan. I’m 8. I’m a beautiful girl.

  My school is very nice. I’m in class2, grade3. I have many teachers. I love my teachers.

  Rabbits are my favourite animal. Jump like rabbits.

  This is me-- a lovely girl! That’s all. Thank you!


  Hello, everybody! My name is zhumiao. I am a happy girl. I’m 8. I’m study in Taishan School. I’m in class 2, grade3.

  My English name is Julie. I like English. I want to be an English teacher when I grow up.

  Do you like me?

  That’s all. Thank you!


  Good morning, teachers! My name is he yichun. I’m 8. I’m in class 3, grade 3.

  I have a lovely face, two big eyes, a small nose and a red mouth.

  I’m a good schoolgirl in teachers’ eyes! And I love my teachers!

  That’s all. Thank you!


  Hello, everyone. My name is Hou Wei. I'm 9 years old. I'm a boy. I am now in the third grade of Huayang Primary School, a famous school in Tianhe District. My nickname is Icedragon. Every October 5th is my birthday.

  My appearance is very special. I have two black eyebrows, like the wings of a bird. Under the eyebrows there are big, shiny eyes. I also have a small nose. There is a big mouth that sometimes makes me happy and sometimes makes me sad. My nickname is ice dragon because my hands and feet are always cold in winter.

  Today, I am very unhappy, because I did not finish my homework at home, my father scolded me. I can also say that success is insufficient and failure is more than enough. I used to be like a free bird, but now I'm like a caged bird. I was ashamed. I've never been like that before. I think afterwards, I must do it well.

  Once, my dear father and I played Go at . We spent more than 40 minutes together. After that, I still lost under my father's hands, which made me sad. I thought: I must play well in the future, this time can't, next time, I will try my best to concentrate. At that time, after a period of time, I sent out a message. Now I am very stubborn. I don't think I'm perfect. In my heart, I'm a failure. I think I can do a good job and not let others look down on me.


  Hello,boys and girls.Today I am very glad to stand here and introduce myself.My name is FengJiamin,I'm

  Hello,大家好.非常高兴今天能站在这里介绍我自己.我叫冯xx,我 2岁了.

  2years old. I'm in Class , Grade 5. I like listening to music and playing orts.And I like ice-cream very


  much.It's sweet and delicious.My favorite subjects are Chinese,math and English. I thingk I am an easy-

  它又甜又美味. 我最喜欢的科目是语文,数学和英语. 我想我是一个随和的小女孩,

  going girl,and I hope everyone will like me. Thank you.



  Good morning, everyone! My name is li ming hao. I’m 9.

  I’m a strong boy. Look at me! I have a strong body, two big fat hands, and two long legs.

  I like running, jumping and hopping!

  This is me!

  That’s all. Thank you!


  Hello! My name is tangyixuan. I’m 8. I’m in class 2, grade3.

  I think I’m a happy girl. I have a happy family.

  I like to eat meat. I don’t like fish at all. I like green. And I have many friends.

  That’s all. Thank you!


  Hello, dear friends! My name is li jing. I’m 8. I’m in class3, grade3.

  I’m a lovely girl. Look at me! I have a very lovely face, two big black eyes, a red mouth and long black hair.

  I like English very much.

  That’s all. Thank you!


  Hello! My name is lizitian. I’m 8. I’m in class 2, grade3.

  I’m a shy girl. But I have a good friend—Shally. Shally said to me: don’t be shy! Come on! Now I’m a happy girl!

  That’s all. Thank you!